Strategy Intern

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From Bernie Sanders to Greenpeace UK, progressive organisations are using digital mobilisation to activate hundreds of thousands of campaigners and raise millions of pounds online. Forward Action believes that a digital mobilisation model – where organisations use digital channels to drive hundreds of thousands of supporters to take advocacy, fundraising and volunteering actions – can revolutionize campaigning and fundraising in the NGO sector. However, its potential is still largely untapped in the UK. As a Strategy Intern, you will learn the fundamental skills needed to help progressive organisations drive real-world change using digital mobilisation.

You will receive training from our team of experienced digital mobilisers, with the opportunity to learn-by-doing by supporting the team on our projects and internal reporting.

This is a six-month training contract, with the freedom to work both in our London office and remotely anywhere in the UK (although during the pandemic, almost all of our team are working at home). You can work either four or five days per week.

To improve representation in the charity sector this opportunity is only open to Black, Asian and minority ethnic candidates or candidates being supported by Working Chance.

Applications close on Sunday 7 November. Apply here.

Who we are

Forward Action is a digital mobilisation agency for progressive causes. We help our partner organisations reach new supporters, then mobilise them to become activists and donors. We have been in the engine room of some of the most successful election and charity digital campaigns of the last few years, helping our partners add millions of new supporters to their email lists, raise more money online (from more donors) and create campaigns that have led to real-world change.

Our values are critical to us: we will only work with causes that make the world a better place. You will get to work with some of the most inspiring and impactful organisations in the sector – such as Greenpeace, Cancer Research UK, and Amnesty International – and spend your days helping win progress on everything from climate change to homelessness.

You will be working at the cutting edge of digital mobilisation. We trust in data rather than our gut instincts, so we are constantly testing and iterating in our work in order to challenge assumptions and drive better results. We are an agile, fast-moving team, and you will have the opportunity to rapidly develop and expand your skills and experience.

One of our fundamental values is that all our work should drive real-world, measurable results. But we also believe that the greatest progressive impact we can have is to give our partner organisations the skills, knowledge and culture they need to do what we do themselves. We want to spread our skills and way of working across the progressive sector, not make our partners dependent on us.

What you will learn in this role

The core focus of your learning in this role will be:

  • The principles of mobilisation, understanding what drives people to take action
  • How to collect data about the performance of email campaigns, Facebook ads and web pages
  • How to create and update spreadsheets to clearly report campaign performance data
  • Analysis and understanding data and how to be data-driven in decision making
  • How to set up and manage a Facebook ads campaign
  • How to build mass-mailer emails

You’ll also receive training on:

  • How to plan a fair A/B experiment
  • How to write good, action-focused copy
  • The principles behind good user experience that make action pages convert
  • How an agency’s new business funnel works, and how to structure a proposal

And you’ll get experience of:

  • Working with a variety of inspiring progressive organisations
  • Joining strategy and new business meetings with partner organisations
  • Brainstorming ideas for campaign framings

Benefits and location

Pro Rata Salary: This role will be a training contract with a pro rata salary of £20,945. Because under a training contract you don’t have to pay income tax or national insurance contributions, this means your take home pay will be equivalent to a salary of £25,413 in a non-training role. This includes the 12% increase we apply for staff living in London.

Contract Term: This is a six-month training contract, with potential for this to be extended to 12 months. The role can be either full time or four days a week.

Location: Primarily at home during the pandemic, with the opportunity to use our Hoxton office occasionally; post-pandemic, in our Hoxton office, with the option to work remotely. Ensuring our team is open to people who live outside London and enabling staff to work flexibly are important values to us, so you’ll have the freedom to work from home.

Holiday: 25 days/year (pro rata), plus bank holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year.

Extra holiday for travelling sustainably: We’re a member of the Climate Perks scheme, so you’ll have an extra two days of holiday a year if you use them to travel by land or sea instead of taking a flight.

Period policy:  We know that periods can have a big impact on people’s wellbeing, and we’re proud of our pioneering period policy to support people who menstruate. We encourage an open, positive and respectful conversation about periods in the workplace. Team members who menstruate can take one full day of leave each month where needed, without needing to tell their manager it’s because of their period. We have hot water bottles, tampons and pads, painkillers and chocolate available in the office.

Working culture and hours: Our team is open, inclusive, friendly, respectful and kind. We work eight hour days (including a 30 minute lunch break), with core hours of 9:30am-4:30pm.

Abilities and experience you’ll need to have to succeed in this training role

  • Excellent organisation and attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • An enquiring and analytical mind
  • Comfortable using data and evident to draw logical conclusions
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environemnt
  • Enthusiasm for using the internet to help build a fairer, more progressive world
  • Fluency in spoken and written English

How to apply

To apply for this job, please complete the form here:

To ensure our hiring process is as fair as possible, we run an anonymised application procedure. So please remove your name and contact information from your CV before uploading it, and only enter these details in the online form. 

To apply, you will need to include:

  • your CV (with name and contact details removed)
  • up to 250 words explaining how you’re suited to the role and why you want this job

Applications close on Sunday 7 November.

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to complete a written online task from home – this can be any time that works for you between Wednesday 10 November and Sunday 14 November. Based on the tasks, a small number of candidates will be asked to attend an interview via a video call during the week of 22 November.