Digital Strategy Expert

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The role

As a Digital Strategy Expert at Forward Action, you’ll work in a multifunctional, three person project team alongside a Digital Strategy Manager and Digital Creative Expert. The three of you will cover everything needed to execute your projects, coordinating with our technology team and working with external design capacity to deliver outstanding results for your partners, and renew and grow your partnerships.

The teams are designed to be flexible and nimble, chopping and changing who does what to best meet the needs of the project and the capacity of each team member. However, each role has a set of primary areas of expertise which you’ll typically be in charge of on most projects. As the team’s expert in those areas, it’s your responsibility to make sure your team does them to an exceptional standard, whether you’re delivering them yourself or supporting a team member to cover them on a given project.

As a Digital Strategy Expert, your primary areas of expertise are all things strategy, project management and delivery. Your key role in the team is to make sure the execution of our projects is smooth, efficient and high quality, whether that’s through smart strategic planning, tight project management or insightful data analysis. As well as taking ads management and email and page builds on some projects, you’ll also be called on to support the DCE with copywriting and potentially the DSM with proposal writing.

What you’ll do as part of our team

  • Project management
    • Overseen by the Digital Strategy Manager, you’ll manage projects from conception through to build, coordinating work from both our creative and tech teams
    • Being the key point of contact for our partners on specific project strands, communicating with them via email, ClickUp, Slack and on video calls
    • Ensuring all projects you manage are delivered on time and to scope, flagging any over-servicing or scope changes with the DSM
    • Coordinating with freelancers as required
  • Building partner relationships
    • As the person that is most in contact with our partners across project delivery, you play a key role in ensuring we build strong relationships of trust and longevity
    • Ensuring we respond to partners in a timely manner and work with them to troubleshoot any bumps along the way
  • Strategy and planning
    • Develop strategy for the projects on which you lead, work with the DSM as needed to ensure we are always delivering strategic excellence
    • Schedule and attend planning and project review meetings with clients
    • Take part in brainstorms to generate ideas for tactics that help our clients hit their goals
  • Reporting & data analysis
    • Analyse the results of tests and tactics and provide strategic recommendations to partners based off them
  • Ads setup and management
    • Builds ads (primarily in Meta) for our partners, ensuring an effective targeting strategy
    • Ensure we are always optimising ad spend and suggesting changes in approach in line with results
  • Builds 
    • Working from templates to set up pages on Engaging Networks/Blueprint as required and ensuring all pages are fully QA’ed before launching
    • Coordinating with the tech team to manage more complicated builds
    • Building emails as required by partners
  • Contribute to the wider team
    • Actively participate in all-team meetings, contributing ideas and adding insights
    • Play an active role in supporting our team culture, ensuring you adopt an inclusive approach

Abilities and experience you’ll need to have

  • 1.5+ years’ experience working in digital campaigning or digital fundraising, with proven experience of delivering results against goals
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with experience of managing multiple stakeholders and building strong working relationships across functions
  • Being comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience of using digital tools to build and send mass emails, comfort with managing lists
  • Excellent organisation and attention-to-detail with ability to juggle multiple priorities and keep to tight deadlines
  • Knowledge of how to plan and deliver a fair A/B experiment
  • Experience of managing projects, ensuring they are delivered on time and to scope
  • Experience of managing ads in Meta, and proven ability to interpret the data to optimise against goals
  • Dedication to helping build a fairer, more progressive society
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • The ability to learn quickly. We don’t expect you to know or have done everything when you start – but if you don’t have this, we’ll be looking for evidence that you can pick up new skills and knowledge quickly, then run with them.

Abilities and experience that are nice to have

We know it’s not possible for any applicants to have all these skills – it’s likely you’ll be able to bring 3-4 of the following to our team:

  • Enthusiasm for thinking creatively and coming up with new ideas
  • Experience working in the charity sector
  • Experience planning supporter email journeys
  • Familiarity with Engaging Networks or other similar platform
  • A solid understanding of online user experience (e.g. how to lay out a web page to improve conversion rates)
  • Experience planning digital strategy to hit measurable goals
  • Drafting emails, especially for fundraising
  • Reviewing or editing content
  • Experience working with designers
  • Basic HTML skills
  • Experience working at an agency

Benefits and location

Salary: £34,162 if you live inside London, £30,502 (plus £3,000 travel expense allowance) if you live outside London. Under our Employee Ownership Trust model, all team members will also receive an equal share of the profits each year. The amount will depend on how much profit is made.

Contract Term: This is a permanent, full time contract.

Hours: We work a 30-hour 4-day week, from Monday to Thursday. Please note – as this is a full time role, you are not permitted to undertake any additional regular paid work on the Friday.

Location: You can work remotely from anywhere in the UK or use our office in London Fields, East London. You will need to be able to come to London once or twice a month for in-person meetings, otherwise most of our meetings are held via video conferencing and all our workflow is built to be remote-first.

Other benefits and policies: We offer five weeks of holiday a year plus the week between Christmas and New Year, a generous parental leave policy, flexible working options and a good work-life balance, including our four day week. Forward Action is an employee owned company, so all employees are co-owners, who have an active voice in the direction of the company, and share in its successes.

Read more about our benefits – including working hours, period policy and sustainable travel allowance – in the jobs section of our website.

About Forward Action

Forward Action is an employee-owned agency that works with partners who share our values to deliver progressive change. We do this by helping them unlock the potential of people power through digital channels. From developing strategies and building movement stories to setting up landing pages and running ads – and everything in between – we help our partners maximise the power of digital to achieve their goals.

We work with incredible organisations across the NGO sector to help them maximise this opportunity and drive change. From influencing a crucial vote in the House of Lords with Dignity in Dying, raising millions with Refuge and rapidly recruiting supporters to stop the Rwanda deportations with Freedom From Torture, to helping mobilise thousands to turn up to Extinction Rebellion’s The Big One, we help our partners to achieve phenomenal impact. We’d love you to join us to ensure we can continue to do so.

How to apply

As a mission-led organisation, we exist to try to make the world a fairer, more equitable place. That includes working to build a truly diverse, inclusive workplace and sector. We are therefore particularly keen to receive applications from communities that experience discrimination, for example on the basis of race, disability, socio-economic status or gender identity. We believe in principles of anti-oppression and are proud to be undertaking a review of our policies, practices and processes to ensure we’re embedding them internally, as well as in our work with partners.

To apply for the role, please complete the form here:

To ensure our hiring process is as fair as possible, we run an anonymised application procedure. So please remove your name and contact information from your CV before uploading it, and only enter these details in the online form.

To apply, you will need to include:

  • your CV (with name and contact details removed)
  • up to 250 words explaining how you’re suited to the role and why you want this job

Applications close on Sunday 7 July.


If you’d like to ask anything about the role or the hiring process, you can email us on: