The general election series: Goal 2 – Using digital to raise the profile of your cause

A general election is coming, and with the right approach charities and campaigning organisations can use it to their advantage. So, we’ve been exploring how digital can help you harness this national moment for your cause.

In this blog, we look at how you can get your issue into public conversation and onto the political agenda.

This is the second in a four-part series sharing the strategies, tools and tactics we covered in our February webinar (watch the replay here).The full blog series covers:

Raising the profile of your cause

Public discourse can feel very noisy and crowded around an election. So, why try to raise your profile now?

It’s easy to forget that the issues charities campaign on aren’t the stuff of everyday conversation for a lot of people – but an election changes that. As political debate becomes more mainstream, you have a chance to bring your cause into those discussions.

Here are four key steps to put your issues in the spotlight:

1. Be alert and responsive

Monitor news and political milestones for anything that intersects with your cause.

You’ll need to both plan ahead and be ready to react to opportunities that arise. Think about things like the election announcement, manifesto launches and key speeches.

2. Amplify your reach

Well-timed digital content that hooks onto political moments boosts your reach and drives more actions at scale.

Be ready to respond fast if your issue comes up in TV debates, and look for opportunities to join in on memes or controversy (like 2017’s tongue-in-cheek #WheresTheresa trend on Twitter after Theresa May opted out of a key TV debate).

Include a clear call to action on all your content so it has a campaigning impact.

3. Shift the debate

Multiply conversations through volunteer-led programmes and advocacy teams, and centre your issues in public debates.

Use smaller volume, high impact tactics. For example, prime supporters with questions to ask at local hustings, or send people talking points to keep at home and raise with canvassers on the doorstep.

4. Change attitudes

By making your cause a key election issue, you’ll expose more people and change attitudes.

Try to make the right ask at the right time, and don’t be afraid to have big ambitions. Possible and 38 Degrees achieved something amazing in 2019 when their petition convinced party leaders to show up the Channel 4 Climate Debate.

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These are some of the key digital strategies, tools and tactics we think can help you achieve your goals around the general election.

We’re already working with partners right now to make this happen for them, and we can help you work out what to prioritise, and how much time and budget you might need.

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During our live webinar, we had loads of insightful questions. Here’s one that came up about raising the profile of your cause during a general election.

Q: You mentioned going quiet if we’re not registered for the election. My understanding was that we can still talk about and criticise policy we’ve always objected to? 

Yes, that’s our understanding too, but best to check the guidance. There’s quite a good summary provided by the Campaign Collective and excellent advice from specialist solicitors BatesWells. You can also read The Electoral Commission’s official guidance.