Who we are

At Forward Action, we come up with ideas for campaigns that get results - then do the work to create them. We have been in the engine room of some of the most successful election and charity digital campaigns of the last few years, helping our clients add millions of new supporters to their email lists, raise more money online (from more donors) and create campaigns that have led to real-world change.

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Forward Action was born out of the General Election campaign of 2015. Joe and Alex worked on a Labour digital programme that set new benchmarks for what a political campaign could achieve online: 1.5 million supporters recruited; £3.1 million raised; 100,000 volunteers mobilised. Our backgrounds are in charity campaigning, and we knew charities are only scratching at the potential of the results digital can deliver for their campaigns and fundraising. So we founded Forward Action to help revolutionise our clients’ digital programmes, using the approach we tried and tested on the campaign trail: measurable results, creative excellence, and constant innovation and testing.

Meet the team

We are a team of campaigners - developers, creatives and strategists.
We’re all here for the same reason: we believe the work we’re doing makes a difference.

Joe Escalante Coney

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Alex Lloyd Hunter

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Rhea Badwal

Digital Strategist

John Braid

Digital Strategy Manager

Anne Clark

Strategy Director

Ross Fisher

Digital Strategist

Eve Flynn

Digital Strategist

Lyle Frankgate

Web Developer

Jessica Hailstone

Digital Strategist

Jessie Hayes

Digital Strategy Manager

Helen Hector

Strategy Director

Jess Hodge

Digital Strategy Manager

Elena Leonard

Digital Creative

Gar Man

Analytics & Technology Officer

Beth Miles

Digital Strategy Manager

Anya Muir Wood

Head of Copy & Creative

George Ray

Strategy Intern

Ali Walker Davies

Partnerships Director

Gavin Williams

Digital Strategist

Lauren Wilson

Digital Creative

Anna Xue

Strategy Intern

Krystal Yong

Team Assistant

Meet our Advisory Group

Our advisory group are a team of highly experienced digital campaigners. They volunteer their time and wisdom to help us keep delivering better and better results for our clients.

Alison Goldsworthy

Ali has 15 years experience communications and campaigning. She was Head of Supporter Strategy and Engagement at the consumer champion's Which? and is now largely based in Silicon Valley leading depolarisation projects after gaining a Masters from Stanford University. Ali is also Vice Chair of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.

Matthew McGregor

Matthew is a veteran digital campaign strategist. He played a key role in Barack Obama’s 2012 election campaign and has also worked for the Labour party and Blue State Digital - bringing years of campaigning experience from both side of the Atlantic. He is currently Campaigns Director at Hope Not Hate.

Michael Whitney

Michael is an email and fundraising strategist who managed the digital fundraising program for Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, raising more than $218 million online from an unprecedented 8.5 million individual contributions and 2.7 million donors.

See our values

"Forward Action have successfully come into 350.org and supported the launch of a new ads and testing programme, not only bringing tangible results, but supporting staff internally to learn new skills. They have been a huge part of our digital transformation."

Hanna Thomas - Chief Product Officer - 350.org