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Where next for Forward Action?

Forward Action was founded over eight years ago, but our mission has always remained the same: to maximise the potential of digital to achieve progressive change. From influencing a crucial…

By Berry Cochrane
21 September 2023

Meet Team Forward Action: Berry Cochrane, our new CEO

Why did you want to be the new CEO of Forward Action?  I have always admired Forward Action – not just the work it does, but its culture and approach…

21 September 2023

4 ways your tech set-up is holding your campaigns back – and how to solve them

Your campaigns could have attention-grabbing creative and a compelling call to action, but if the tech behind them isn’t optimised, they won’t perform as well as they could. From improving…

14 September 2023

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"I can genuinely say that this has been my best agency experience – bar none"

Dugald McNaughtan - Former Head of Supporter Recruitment - Greenpeace UK