Our on call system

How to use the on call system

If you have an emergency (see below), please call 020 8124 0798.

A member of our team will be on call to help you and bring in support from other team members where needed.

When to use the on call system?

Our on call system is there to make sure we can respond to partner emergencies on a Friday, when our team is not working.

Emergencies are any of the following:

  • Live web pages we’ve built are unresponsive
  • There are bugs on live web pages which prevent people from using the page
  • There are data issues with live pages
  • You need us to turn off paid social or automated emails in response to unforeseen circumstances (for example, a major news event) or where there’s a bug with ads set up or delivery (e.g. ads are spending too much or too little)
  • You have a significant rapid response campaigning or fundraising opportunity that you must respond to on the same day to take advantage of
  • You have an issue that affects their reputation or brand and cannot wait until after the weekend

If any of these emergencies have come up, don’t hesitate to contact our on call number. For non-emergency issues, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible on Monday.