Our values


We only work for
progressive causes

We won’t work for just anybody. Forward Action exists to help make the world a better place. If we don’t think a prospective client is trying to do that, we won’t work with them.


We are driven by results - not just by what looks good

We are data driven and we advocate that view with our clients. We do strategic, efficient work that delivers measurable results and helps our clients hit their goals.


We respect our clients

Our clients have a unique and valuable insight into their organisation that we don’t have. We listen to them, respect their experience and act on their insights.


We are innovative

We constantly seek out new ideas and approaches that can improve the results we get for our clients. Testing is always at the heart of our strategies.


We are positive, respectful, and kind

Our team helps each other out and celebrates others’ successes. We are helpful, responsive and supportive of both each other and our clients.


We take pride in our work

Our goal is always to produce the best possible work we can. We take pride in making sure everything works as it should do before our work goes out into the world.

See our work

"Forward Action have been lifesavers during a complex digital transformation process - helping skill up staff on testing and analytics and building our ability to increase supporter growth and donations."

Hanna Thomas - Chief Product Officer - 350.org