Why Forward Action’s Team Is Growing

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By Alex Lloyd Hunter

If you’ve been on our LinkedIn or Twitter recently, you may have seen Forward Action is hiring for a number of roles right now. In fact, we’re looking to recruit nine new people to join the team in 2022. It’s an exciting moment for our organisation, so I wanted to explain the reasons behind why we’re growing so significantly.

Firstly, some members of our team are moving onto exciting new opportunities over the coming months. Each of them are brilliant and I’m really looking forward to seeing the impact they can have in their new roles. We’ve always prided Forward Action on being a place where people can learn a lot and then take their skills and knowledge back out into the sector, but, nonetheless, we’ll miss them loads (although they’ll forever be part of the Forward Action family!).

Secondly, over the last 18 months, the pandemic has accelerated a shift in thinking in the NGO sector that has been steadily growing since the earliest days of Forward Action. Organisations are increasingly realising that not only is effective digital fundraising essential for their survival, but that, for many, mobilising supporters to play a meaningful role in delivering their mission is critical for how they deliver impact moving forwards. This year, however, we’ve had to delay starting a number of impactful new partnerships, or turn them down altogether, because our team is already full helping existing partners. So we’re excited to be growing our capacity to help more organisations change the world for the better through digital mobilisation.

Finally, over our years of helping organisations build mobilisation programmes, it’s become clearer and clearer to us that impactful mobilisation cannot simply be bolted on to the business-as-usual operations of an organisation. In order to do mobilisation really effectively, it needs to be built into an organisation’s theory of change, ways of working, technology infrastructure and staffing. Providing the expertise and capacity to help our partners become mobilisation-ready in each of these areas is a central part of our organisational strategy for the next two years.

We’re making a big stride forward on that front during this hiring round, promoting experienced members of our team into new and exciting roles, hiring new colleagues to work with them, and reorganising the structure of our new, expanded team so we can provide both macro-level and implementation-level mobilisation support.

So those are the three key reasons behind our big recruitment drive. We’re sad to be saying goodbye to some much-loved members of the team, and we’re excited to be expanding our team so we can build on the momentum behind digital mobilisation we’ve seen in 2021. If you think this sounds like a great challenge check out our jobs page and see whether you, or someone you know, would be a great fit for our team.

Want to hear more about our open roles? Head over to our jobs page to see our current live roles. If you have any questions on any of the open roles, don’t hesitate to get in contact

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Written by Alex Lloyd Hunter

Co-Founder and Executive Director