Election Day is Here

Election day has finally arrived!

The past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind. From the moment Sunak stepped out into the rain we’ve been working round the clock with our brilliant partners to help drive their missions to the top of the agenda at this key moment.

If the polls are to be believed, it looks like we’ll have a new government tomorrow. We’re already busy making plans to understand what that means with our partners, and how we work together to keep driving change, but right now we wanted to take a breath and reflect together.

Since May 22nd, we’ve worked with five progressive partners to mobilise their supporters ahead of the election. In that time we’ve created 36 landing pages, posted over 100 ads, ran tests across 7 different platforms and ultimately inspired tens of thousands of people to send over 30,000 emails to MP candidates across 500 constituencies.


It can be easy to think about digital mobilisation in terms of data on a dashboard, but what those campaigns mean in reality is that more young people have registered to vote, and MP candidates have been asked to take action on huge issues like legalising assisted dying for terminally ill people, improving the sustainability of our education system, tackling child poverty, and increasing provision for people who are caring for family members.

The election date was a surprise to many (except the bookies), so it’s been inspiring to see the reaction from the non-profit and charity sector as a whole. We’ve been awestruck by the speed of the campaigning and the hard work that went into making sure that this moment counted for the issues that matter to them.

Once again, this snap election announcement proves just how important it is for organisations to be prepared to mobilise at key moments like this.

Having a big, engaged supporter list ready to take action when it matters most is vital to creating a noise at big moments. It shows, yet again, the value of investing in digital mobilisation to attract the people who care about your cause.

So the work doesn’t stop now. Especially in the first 100 days of the new government. We’re already working with partners to make sure that the new government delivers on its commitments. What are you planning? We’d love to talk – perhaps we can help you too?

But first, after you’ve voted, make sure you take a moment to breathe and reflect on this historic moment. Tomorrow we start again.