Helping deliver a digital programme with online fundraising a major income stream

The challenge:

We started working with Greenpeace in 2015 with the aim of 1) increasing the amount they were raising online, and 2) finding new ways to grow their supporter list outside of their campaigning and petition work.

What we did:

We began with some big goals. But before we could build a plan for how to achieve them, we needed to develop a holistic understanding of Greenpeace’s approach to digital communication – at both a strategic and tactical level.

We started by conducting a full strategic review of their lead generation and online conversion work. Interviews with Greenpeace team members helped us gain an in-depth understanding of their approach, and we worked with them to identify strengths and weaknesses. We then laid out a practical, actionable plan to grow their list and drive online conversion to regular support.

Two years on, we’re continuing to test and innovate. The scope of our work is broad, and the nature of our partnership means that we can respond rapidly as new events unfold and public interest peaks around particular issues. Areas of work include:

  • Email fundraising
  • Supporter recruitment, with the development of engagement tools to drive list growth
  • Optimisation, of sign-up, donations and campaigning technology
  • Developing new tactics to dramatically increase the number of leads and new supporters Greenpeace recruits outside of their campaign work – see our ‘Bearing Witness’ case study below.

The results:

Some of our key successes include:

  • Quadrupling the amount Greenpeace raises through email fundraising (in the two years since starting to implement the strategy)
  • Developing journeys and tools which helped Greenpeace exceed their online Direct Debit target by 50% in 2017
  • Seeing Greenpeace’s digital fundraising totals exceed direct mail income for the first time
  • Increasing their conversion of online leads and donors to regular supporters
  • Re-designing sign-up and petition templates to increase share rate by 50% and donation rate by more than 400%.

To see more examples of the work we’ve done with Greenpeace – check out the Endangered Orangutans ‘sound the alarm’ microsite site and our Plastics Calculator.