Faulty Goods Complaint Tool: Developing tech that could be reused again and again

The challenge:

For Which?, helping people to write effective letters about goods and services is an important way of supporting consumers to protect their rights. Which? asked us to design a product that would enable their staff team to build a range of tailored letter-generating apps. Their first project was the Faulty Goods Tool, which needed to enable people to generate a personalised complaint letter about a faulty product that laid out their statutory rights.

What we did:

We approached this as two separate projects: creating the Faulty Goods Tool for consumers and developing the technical infrastructure for Which? to roll out more letter-writing apps in the future. This meant that we were able to test the tool’s functionality with real users and then build any learning into the main letter-writing product. As well as working on the backend system that Which? staff would use to create the app, we also developed the frontend interface to ensure a good experience for users.


The Faulty Goods Tool was such a success that Which? have used the platform to roll out other tools, including a university Personal Statement Generator and a PPI Tool.