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Meet Team Forward Action: Beth Miles, Digital Strategy Manager

Forward Action is made up of hard working, compassionate and dedicated individuals who have come together to work towards a better world with our charity partners. Each month, our Meet…

23 January 2023

5 Digital mobilisation wins in 2022 — and how they’ve changed the world

2022 has been tough for the sector and the world. As the time between crises, scandals, disasters (and new Prime Ministers!) became shorter and shorter, the pace of change demanded…

By Alex Lloyd Hunter & Joe Escalante Coney
21 December 2022

Trialling a four day week

What are we doing, and why? It’s a central part of Forward Action’s mission and identity that we only work with progressive causes. It was one of our founding values,…

By Alex Lloyd Hunter & Joe Escalante Coney
22 November 2022

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Dugald McNaughtan - Former Head of Supporter Recruitment - Greenpeace UK