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The general election series: Goal 4 – Using digital to achieve impact

We may not have a date for the upcoming election yet, but one thing’s for sure: if you want to seize this political event to achieve impact for your cause,…

7 March 2024

The general election series: Goal 3 – Using digital to raise money

The upcoming UK general election might not seem like an obvious fundraising opportunity for charities. But with the right approach you really can harness the energy and emotion of an election…

7 March 2024

The general election series: Goal 2 – Using digital to raise the profile of your cause

A general election is coming, and with the right approach charities and campaigning organisations can use it to their advantage. So, we’ve been exploring how digital can help you harness…

7 March 2024

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Dugald McNaughtan - Former Head of Supporter Recruitment - Greenpeace UK