About us, our culture and job benefits

Who we are

Forward Action is a digital mobilisation agency.

We work with our partners to build digital programmes and campaigns that reach new supporters, raise more money and win progress on some of the biggest issues facing the world right now.

Our values are critical to us. We only work with progressive causes, and we believe everything we do should deliver measurable real-world impact. When you join our team, you’ll get to work with impactful and inspiring organisations like Greenpeace, Cancer Research UK and Refuge.

We trust in data, so we’re constantly testing and iterating to challenge assumptions and drive better results. We also want to share our knowledge and skills, so that organisations across the sector can learn to do what we do for themselves.

Our team is open, friendly, respectful and kind. We’re committed to making sure Forward Action is an inclusive, diverse and anti-racist organisation.


Job benefits & policies

Holiday: You’ll get 25 days holiday a year (pro rata), plus bank holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year.

Sustainable travel allowance: As a member of the Climate Perks scheme, we offer an extra two days of holiday a year if you use them to travel by land or sea instead of taking a flight.

Maternity, paternity and long-term partner parental leave: For a small organisation, we have a generous and progressive parental leave policy. Maternity leave is 12 weeks at full pay, 14 weeks at 50% pay. Paternity/long-term partner parental leave is 6 weeks at full pay.

Period policy: We know that periods can have a big impact on wellbeing and we’re proud of our pioneering period policy. Team members can take a full day’s leave each month as needed, and our office provides hot water bottles, period products, painkillers and chocolate.

Working hours: We work eight hour days, including a 30-minute lunch break. It’s important to us that everyone finishes on time, and people in the team rarely work more than 45-60 minutes late at busy times. No one works on weekends or holidays.


Diversity & Inclusion

As a mission-led organisation, we exist to try to make the world a fairer, more equitable place. That includes working to build a truly diverse, inclusive workplace and sector.

We want to be transparent about what we believe and the commitment we’ve made, so we’ve made our D&I vision and goals live on our website. You can read them here.