Testing and Optimisation

A/B Testing Your Digital Campaigns? Ask These 3 Questions First

A culture of constant testing is crucial to digital mobilisation. Without tests, without results, and without data, strategy becomes guesswork. Running A/B tests is one way you can quickly gain…

25 February 2021

How To Make Your Donation Pages Work Harder For You

So – you’ve crafted a compelling fundraising email, your Facebook ads are targeting the right people, and traffic is flowing to your donation page. But people aren’t donating at the…

27 July 2020

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"Forward Action make the complex seem simple. Over the course of four years supporting our efforts in campaigning, fundraising and supporter engagement, their combination of scientific thinking and creative excellence has produced excellent results. Their high standard of work is backed up by reliable delivery, integrity and a collaborative approach."

Daniel Gray - Digital Engagement Manager - WaterAid